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Personal account with Chad Reid, MD, Southwestern Medical Center.

warning: this is graphic and unpleasant. about #stealthing

This person lied to me about his intentions and where he lived. While having sex, he also pulled off the condom without my knowledge, leaving it inside of me for days, despite me asking multiple times why it wasn't in the trash can. I asked again and again where the condom went. Leaving it wedged inside of me could have turned into a medical emergency. I am certain that it was intentional due to catching him trying it, previously. I know it was foolish to continue to try and trust him, but he saw me cry about it and scold him and promised he understood and would not do such a thing again. Once I realized he was cold blooded enough to do it again and lie and leave me in danger, I felt violated and my safety felt threatened. Oh, also, in trying to get him to be accountable and pay for my plan b, he admitted to the previous lies, would not pay for plan b, and it seemed to me he accessed my medical records bc he knew private information that I have no idea how he would get any other way. I filed a police report but this wasn't a "crime". So here it is, world, in case you are googling him, trying to find out if he is legit or scum, I say he is scum. #metoo

10:02 a.m. - 2017-10-24


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